Who We Are

PIVOT WERKS is a small family run business located in the suburbs of Philadelphia PA. We're a group of makers and tinkerers constantly trying to solve life's little problems with our own hands, we'll gladly admit to spending hours or even days creating a fix instead of spending a few bucks. We're also lovers of the outdoors and try to spend as much time there as we can, whether that's at the beach, along a trail in the woods, cruising the lake on our boat or hanging at a campsite in the middle of nowhere.


NeverBreak Parts?

The concept for NeverBreak Parts was hatched in the summer of 2017 when the lid hinges on one of our Igloo coolers broke off for the second time that summer. We're not ones to spend north of $600 on a cooler, that's money better spent on boat gas, so we keep a collection of Igloo and Coleman coolers that have served us well, one for almost 15 years. We've typically just purchased new tabs or latches and replaced them along the way but this year was different. Having started down the path of 3D printing earlier that year we figured we had it covered this time, except we were going to create new hinges and latches that would never break again.

A good nine months later, having tested a dozen different materials and upgraded our printer more than once, we settled on a design that we could not break no matter how hard we tried. We made enough for all our coolers and were ready for the summer of 2018. During that summer we ran into some friends on the lake that were going to throw away a cooler and buy one of those crazy expensive ones after a lid flew out of the boat. We fixed it up with our parts instead of course and the rest, as they say, is history. We now have over 25 printers running round the clock and have helped more than 30k people fix up their coolers for the last time.

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple, develop products that solve some of life's problem once and for all. We believe that creating replacement parts that don't ever break leads to less parts bought and tossed out over time and less coolers sent to landfills. While it does make sense from a business standpoint to create parts that wear out over time so new ones need to be purchased, we're taking this in a different direction.

What's Next?

Our hinges and latches have been very well received, check us out on Amazon and read some of the comments, but we're not stopping there. We're rolling out colors for all our current offerings, a number of other cooler parts like plugs and spouts plus a full line of Coleman cooler parts coming this summer. After that we have a list of ideas we've been working on while sitting around the campfire...