Workshops and Pricing


PivotWerks is a training and consultancy organization, that provides training   to educational organizations, cultural institutions, non-profits, and companies.


  • We provide training and organizational development workshops.  All of our work is focused on the capabilities of our clients and the problems they are trying to solve.

  • We will work with you to create  actionable, and tangible strategies, using a diverse set of tools and methods. Our training and approach is tailored to fit your needs and schedule.

  • We help your team explore new methods and use new tools.

  • The results are grounded in business viability, market desirability, and the technical capabilities of our clients.

  •  We are happy to arrange an initial meeting to explore a possible partnership. Our first meeting is always at no cost to you.


Introductory overview workshops are typically 2 hours in length and are designed to provide a basic understanding of the topics addressed.

Half day and multi day workshops provide a deeper examination of methods and techniques and include project based learning exercises.


Introductory workshops for up to ten students : $200

Half -Day workshops for up to ten students: $500

Multi-Days workshop pricing available upon request