Agile Methods


 Agile is all about delivering more business value in a given time period.


  • Discover, Design, Develop, Test.  That is the flow of Agile project management.

  • Agile is a way of getting a lot more business value out of your investment in products or projects.

  • We train teams and organizations in Scrum and Kanban 



Workshop learning objectives include:

  • Define and describe the values of Agile

  • Understanding why and when to use Scrum

  • Review of  Scrum Foundations

  • Understanding of Sprints 

  • Review of Scrum Roles

  •  Develop and understanding of Team roles 

  • Review Scrum workflow and process

  • Review of Kanban principles 

  • Understanding how, why, and when to mix Mixing Scrum and Kanban








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